KMU BS Programs Calculator

KMU BS Aggregate Calculator

Khyber Medical University, KMU offers BS Programs in various disciplines. KMU BS Programs includes BS Nursing, BS Paramedics, BS Language and Speech Pathology and BS Occupational Therapy.

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KMU BS Programs aggregate is calculated on the basis of the following weightage.

FSc or Equivalent Weightage: 50%
Matric/SSc or Equivalent Weightage: 10%
ETEA Medical Entrance Test Weightage: 40%

  • Marks obtained in FSc or Equivalent divide by 1100 and multiply by 50 => (FSc/1100) x 50
  • Marks obtained in Matric/SSc or Equivalent divide by 1100 and multiply by 10 => (SSc/1100) x 10
  • Marks obtained in Entrance Test divide by 200 and multiply by 40 => (Test Marks/200) x 40
  • Add value from points 1, 2 and point 3.

For Example:

  • Marks Obtained in FSc = 910 Out of 1100
  • Marks Obtained in Matric/SSc = 850 Out of 1100
  • Marks Obtained in Entrance Test = 120 Out of 200

By Applying Formula

( (910/1100) x 50 ) + ( (850/1100) x 10 ) + ((120/200) x 40)  => 73.091

Use below calculator to find aggregate for KMU BS programs.

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  1. Sir what about 120+ restrictions in etea?
    I mean a student have less marks than 120 . can he apply for public sector MBBS BDS college.

  2. Respected Sir
    Assalam O Alaikum!!
    I hope you will be fine and doing. My overall aggregate is 58.173 as I’m eligible for Bs nursing?
    Waiting for your kind reply
    Thanking you always

  3. Inservise walo ka test kab hoga. Ao deposit slip may jo registregistration number maang raha hay isko blank chorna chahiay ….????

  4. Sir kia self per parmedics main admission mel skta haiii bgher open merit main …jitnay bi number hu mel skta hay or dpt main

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