SAT-II Aggregate Calculator for admission in MBBS/BDS Session 2020-21

According to recent Amended Admissions regulations published by Pakistan Medical Commission foreign students are allowed to apply for MBBS and BDS admissions for both Public and Private sector through SAT-II Exam.

PMC also set percentage weightage for each subject of SAT-II i-e

  • Biology – 40%
  • Chemistry – 35%
  • Physics/Maths – 25%

There were no distribution of subject weightage in admission regulations for 2019 and before.

Since now subjects have given weightage, so Test weightages will change accordingly. For example, if you have performed well in Biology, it will increase your overall Test aggregate. Similarly if you have scored low in Maths/Physics, it will not affect more of your Test aggregate.

SAT-II Aggregate Calculator for MBBS/BDS

This calculator calculates your SAT-II aggregate for admission in MBBS/BDS through out Pakistan based on the Amended Admission Regulations 2020-21

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